Refrigerant Gases, R-22 Refrigerant Gases, R-134a Refrigerant Gases, R-404a Refrigerant Gases, R-410 Refrigerant Gases

Refrigerant Gases

Our range of refrigerant gases is very crucial to the refrigeration industry for a variety of cooling purposes. These gases are odorless and colorless and are well renowned for their purity and effectiveness. Some of the types of theses gases are given below.

Refrigerant Gases R-22

We are supplier of Refrigeration Gases R-22 which is mainly used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The chemical composition of cooling gas is chloro fluorocarbon which is very harmful to environment as it contributes global warming.

Refrigerant Gases R-134a

We present Refrigeration Gases R-404 which is a kind refrigerant which comes with advanced features that replaces R22, R502. This gas is efficient in cleaning and provides good refrigeration. These gases are used in cars air conditioners.

Refrigerant Gases R-404a

We are engaged in supplying accurate composition R-404a refrigerant gases that are non toxic. These gases are environment friendly and pure and are used for cooling purposes. These gases are used in air compressors.

Refrigerant Gases R-410

We provide Refrigeration Gases R-410 which is colorless refrigerant. It becomes transparent liquid under the pressure created by it self. This gas is substitute of R 22 which is used in air conditioning and refrigeration system.